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Veterinary jobs

Are you looking for a job as a veterinarian? Then fill in your free CV on our website, or take a look at the overview of all vacancies for veterinarians. Whether you’re a recent graduate, or have years of experience, whether you’re working in practice, or you’d rather go in a different direction, you’re sure to find a job that suits you within the extensive list of vet vacancies.

Working as a veterinarian
With your diploma in veterinary medicine you can go in many directions. You can work as a practicing veterinarian, you can work for government agencies such as the NVWA, you can transfer your knowledge to others in education, you can work in a laboratory, etc. The possibilities are very large and very diverse.

As a practicing veterinarian you can choose within which sector you want to work, on Vetplace you will find vacancies for veterinarians pet animals (small pets), veterinarians horse, veterinarians cattle, veterinarians utility animals, veterinarians poultry, veterinarians pig or veterinarians reptiles/amphibians/poultry. Finally, there are also vacancies for mixed veterinary practices for those with a broader field of interest.

Many veterinarians choose by default for the sector in which they graduated, but it appears that quite a number of these veterinarians unexpectedly end up within another sector. Your diploma is therefore valid within all sectors and by gaining practical experience within the various animal species, you can explore your area of interest as a veterinarian and perhaps discover new interests. That is why it is always nice to work in a mixed practice as a veterinarian. Temporary vacancies within a different species sector, such as pregnancy replacement, can also open up new perspectives and offer a good opportunity to discover your interests without being tied to anything.

Nowadays there is also more demand for specialised veterinarians, for example veterinarian surgeons, veterinarian acupuncturists, veterinarian dermatologists, veterinarian physiotherapists, veterinarian neurologists, veterinarian cardiologists, veterinarian orthopaedists, etc… Are you a veterinarian specialist? Then be sure to use your skills and take a look at the vacancies that are written all over you. Many specialists go to work in a veterinary clinic, because in this way the work pressure can be divided among different specialist colleagues. Many veterinarian specialists also choose to combine a private practice with one or more days in a veterinary clinic. You can choose for yourself what works best for you.

In addition, there are also veterinarians who choose to work for the government, either full-time or part-time. Some combine this with a job in a veterinary practice. Think for example of working as a veterinarian for the NVWA. As a veterinarian at the NVWA there is a whole range of possibilities. You can carry out inspections and controls in slaughterhouses, you can carry out border controls, you can opt for an administrative job, you can participate in audits and control systems, etc…
There is also a demand for veterinarians at the Ministry of Health. As a veterinarian for the Ministry of Public Health, you will, for example, carry out checks on the business park (shelters, nurseries, shops, farms, private individuals, …). Among other things, you check whether sufficient attention is paid to animal welfare, hygiene, … You impose measures if the conditions are not met, you draw up reports and cooperate in finding solutions. You also give advice to the competent ministers and ensure correct information to society. Veterinarians have a very important role with regard to public health, and certainly within these jobs you can fulfil this function optimally.

Are you a veterinarian with a passion for research? Then there are plenty of possibilities and vacancies for you. You can work as a veterinarian in a lab, in the animal feed sector (animal feed, pet food), and also within the various disciplines (pharmacology, genetics, biochemistry, toxicology, veterinary public health, …) there are job offers for veterinarians.

If you would like to share your knowledge and passion with others, a job as a veterinarian in education is probably something for you. This can be at secondary, higher or university level. Be sure to check out the vacancies that match your talents.

Where can you work as a veterinarian?
As can be seen from the above possibilities, there are an awful lot of employment places for veterinarians. You can work within a veterinary practice, both in a private practice and within an animal clinic. These veterinary practices can be specifically aimed at one or a few target animal species, but there are also mixed veterinary practices, in which you work with different animal species. As a veterinarian you can also work in an animal clinic, where you are more likely to be responsible for second- or third-line veterinary medicine.
You can choose to work as a veterinarian for the government, and then there are several places where you can end up: in the slaughterhouse, in processing plants, on private property, on farms, in shelters, etc….
Teaching veterinarians will of course be on the school floor.
Other vets will spend their days in the lab.
As you probably already know, you have quite a lot of choice within the vacancies for vets.

how do you find work as a veterinarian?
The answer is simple: Vetplace is the place to be for job-seeking veterinarians. At Vetplace you will find a wide range of vacancies for veterinarians looking for a great job. You can upload your CV for free on our website, so employers can contact you. You can also search within the veterinary vacancies and apply quickly and easily for a job that appeals to you.
It can sometimes be difficult for new veterinarians to find their way around, but you will certainly find something that appeals to you within our wide range of vacancies. You will also notice that experience is not always a must! Everyone has to start somewhere, right?
Even for the experienced veterinarian or the older veterinarian it doesn’t always seem obvious to find a new job as a veterinarian, but at Vetplace you will soon discover that there are quite a few job offers that match your wishes.

Are you looking for a vet?
Even though there are many vets in the UK, Scotland or Wales, it doesn’t always seem easy to find the right vet to work for you. Vetplace is “the place” that brings you together with the vet you are looking for. Whether you belong to a group practice, a clinic, the government, a lab, or any other company, you will find the right profile here.
On Vetplace you can post vacancies in which you indicate which qualities you are specifically looking for. In this way, jobseeking vets can contact you and apply for a job with you.

Collaborating with other vets has a lot of advantages. Animal clinics can ensure permanence, and group practices can better divide their working hours, leaving more time for private and leisure time. In addition, it is good to exchange ideas, and you can strengthen each other’s knowledge. For a second opinion you can simply consult a colleague you are working with face-to-face, so you don’t waste time with telephones and e-mails or waiting for a response, because “time” is of course “money”!
If you are looking for a partner in crime to set up a veterinary practice together, you can also post a vacancy for this on Vetplace. In this way, you can look for someone with the same ideas and goals as yourself, and build the future together. You provide each other with new ideas, and the costs of a start-up can also be shared. So win-win!

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