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Veterinary nurse jobs

Would you like to work as a veterinary nurse (also called a veterinary assistant)? Then you’re in the right place! Vetplace puts you in contact with veterinarians or companies that are looking for a veterinarian nurse. You can take a look at the vacancies for veterinary nurse, or you can upload your resume/CV for free so that employers can contact you. It’s quick and easy, and before you know it, you’ll find a job that suits you.

Working as a veterinarian nurse / veterinarian assistant

Do you have a heart for animals, is working with animals and vets your passion and do you have a degree in animal care? Then it’s time for the next step: looking for a job as a veterinary nurse that suits you, and in which you can develop yourself. Some veterinarian nurses like the practical side more, others feel more at home in the administrative area, and there are those who love the combination of both.

Within the vacancies for veterinary nurse on Vetplace, you can choose where you prefer.
The list of job offers for veterinary assistants includes a lot of vacancies, explaining what is expected of you. You can make a selection of the offers that suit you and contact the employer(s) right away. You can also upload your CV, in which you indicate what your expectations are. Employers can contact you in this way. All this is completely free and without obligation.

There are various possibilities to become a veterinary nurse. For example, you can work for a private veterinarian, where you will be the veterinarian’s right hand. The tasks you will have to perform here are usually very variable: helping with the administration, receiving clients, keeping animals, assisting the vet with examinations and operations, etc… Most private veterinarians are looking for someone who can assist him/her a little within all areas. This is ideal for veterinarian assistants who like variety and practical work, but also deal with administration. It is important that the patient files are well monitored and replenished at all times, as well as the medicine supply.
Group practices are often looking for one or more veterinarian assistants to further advance their practice. Group practices are also usually looking for veterinarian assistants who are flexible and can help in all areas.
On the other hand, there are also practices that keep this rather separate and look for both people to do administrative work and take care of the welcome, and people who help on the work floor.
Of course, there are also animal clinics that are looking for extra helping hands. Here, too, the tasks may be cohesive or rather separate. Within clinics, more surgeries are usually performed, which means that people are often looking for animal carers to help with the preparation and aftercare of patients. Of course, this also involves a great deal of administration, which is also an important responsibility.

How do you find work as a veterinary nurse?

If you are looking for a job as a veterinary nurse, you can place your CV on our website free of charge. Veterinarians who are looking for someone like you can then contact you. We also have a page with vet nurse vacancies, where you can choose which job offer suits you so that you can contact the employer yourself. Convenient, quick and easy! It doesn’t matter if you already have experience in the job market or not. Some would like someone who has just left school so that they can fully familiarise and guide you in their company, others prefer someone with a little experience who can quickly start working independently. As you can see, there is the right job for everyone.

Looking for a veterinary nurse

Veterinarians today have their hands full with consultations, operations, home visits, refresher courses, … On top of that comes a whole mountain of administration. Despite this busy agenda, it is still very important that everything is done with care and attention to detail. Sometimes it can be a great help to be able to give a little work out of your hands, and to be helped by a good veterinarian nurse.

Are you a veterinarian in your own private practice or in a group practice, and are you looking for a helping hand? Or could your vet clinic need some extra help?
Find the person you are looking for on Vetplace. You can easily post one or more vacancies, to which veterinarian nurses looking for a job can respond. You can also look at the CVs of various assistants and contact your preferred veterinary nurse yourself.

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